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Friday, October 22, 2010


Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived two princesses that killed themselves to boredom. Then two princes traveled from another far away kingdom that were interested on saving the dead princesses. The princesses room was on the top floor of the tallest tower so the first prince brought a bucket of chicken with him, the other danced his way there. For some reason, it took them two days to reach the top, maybe they were busy slaying the fire-breathing dragon or they were too lazy they just waited for an escalator to magically appear in front of them. Anyway, they kissed the princesses to wake them up and won their hearts. The two princes asked millions of babies in return since they saved the princesses and now the princesses ran away to another kingdom and ended up marrying a monkey and a key. Just kidding, they did grant the million-babies-wish, though. And they lived a painfully ever after.

Anyway, there are no direct points of the ridiculous story above. It's just for our entertainment (and some were inside jokes that only the two of us could understand.)

We simply made this site out of boredom and because we want to help you guys. Aren't we awesome?


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