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Saturday, November 20, 2010

we'll surely be back, don't worry folks. just fixing something.

Girls' Generation.

Update: So I have to change the layout, seems like I've copyrighted someone else's basecodes. Sarah you're gonna die tomorrow, Jk but I hate chu T___T Well thanks for chazzie of dorkistic design. I`ll post up a temporary design until I finish coding the Kara one, which I hope isn't copyrighting anyone's designs as well.

NEW LAYOUT! Oh yeah. I made the layout before I went to my retreat this morning so you might notice it's rushed. mianhae, but I think it's okay eoh? :) And don't worry to Kamilias, or Kara's fans because I finished a new layout featuring them, and as soon as I find someone who's willing to host our site, I'll post it so we could have two layouts. Yeyeyeye :D And here are for you guys.

Haha, they're so crappy but I did my best! XD

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update #2

ohyeah, I have a lot to post. So far the number of requests are okay, thank you very much! Now, we're only in need of 2 more reliable/experienced one-shot writers and 1 designer, experienced in photoshop also. If you're interested, feel free to apply here.

Hello to our new affies: Arabesque, Chaotic World and Marrione. Visit them, they're awesome!

New staff members! Welcome sa.., our new writer and supernerd, our new designer! Clap your hands for them, they're awesome as well.

We'll start working on the next look of the site. If you guys have any suggestions, message us at our e-mail (ridiculouslyyours@gmail.com) Also, we shall expand more so we're gonna affie-hunt! YEY :) I'm planning to do something special for the site, staff and visitors. Hhm, free banners, maybe? We'll see.