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Friday, October 22, 2010


r e v i e w r e q u e s t s .

My Sweet Potato Girlfriend by cbp4815
Together by Xtreme
Not Your Average Nerd~ by skoolgurlz

g r a p h i c r e q u e s t s .

Life With SHINee by SlverWngz
Meeting My Love by YOYO
Unforgetful Birthday Present by Reny
Piece of Cake Oneshots by MOCHILOVE007
s p e c i a l s o m e o n e . . . by sa ..
All That's Left of Love by miss.alicehaan}
The One I Love... It's You by ChristalSJ

o n e s h o t r e q u e s t s .

Electric Blue ( Jealousy. )
SweetTooth ( Love At Its Hardest. )
chaelin08 ( Wake Up Call. )
redcherrylilly ( Blankly. )
Jae_Babe ( I'm On Your Side. )
Super EUN!~ ( I Need A Girl. )
minka_ichigo ( Omo? A Gay's In Love With Me?? )
민지★스타 ( Baby, Dance With Me Tonight. )
ym_1209 (Wind of Desire.)


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