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Friday, October 22, 2010


ranee eeyo eyoo ! ★ / iamaninjadude
age: fourteen. dob: july 21st.
e-mail: raratotherescue@live.com
description: childish, lazy, awesome and not-so-good-looking. she pretty much cries about everything in the world yet her unnies say she's so optimistic and bubbly. so wrong, man! she loves the colors green and yellow and approves of homo-homo stories. her mind is totally corrupted, not too much, so she accepts R stories. she makes the world a scary place to live in by crawling under people's bed and creeping on your windows. tee hee.

reiko / `strawberryparfait
age: sixteen. dob: august 13rd.
description: creative, lazy, much more awesome than ranee and pretty. she most denies every fact about her like she's pretty and smart. she's also lazy, sometimes, depends on what is there to be lazy to do. she might seem cold and quiet, but she actually thinks of men partying inside her room. nudgenudge she had seen IT. hehehe, no just kidding! she's also fine with yaoi, yuri and rated stories.

For more information about the ridiculous masterminds, feel free to stalk them in facebook and maybe in tumblr, too.


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