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Friday, October 22, 2010


Review Request

1. You can request to another site for another review. No arguments on that.

2. Please do not take the review seriously. The reviewer has no intention of offending or making you feel down. We're not strict reviewers but we will do our jobs professionally.

3. Rated / Yaoi / Yuri plots are allowed.

4. Please wait patiently for your review. It might take 3-4 weeks, depends on your story's length, but we will inform you if it will take more time.

5. You must use the review given to you, no matter what the score is.

6. If you have any complaints or comments, message us at ridiculouslyyours@gmail.com

7. Click HERE to be directed to the form.

Review Rubric

15 / 15 ( title )
20 / 20 ( storyline / plot )
10 / 10 ( grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling )
15 / 15 ( appearance, appeal )
5 / 5 ( originality )
5/ 5 ( creativity )
10 / 10 ( characterization )
5 / 5 ( writing style )
7 / 7 ( speed, flow )
8 / 8 ( total enjoyment )
3 / 3 ( bonus )
total = 100 / 100

Graphic Request

1. Respect the site and the designer. Please do not request to other sites if you've already requested from our site and vice versa. Designers spend their time creating the graphic so please consider others' lives, not just yours.

2. At least use the graphic for 5 weeks. After that, you could request for another one to another site if you want to.

3. You must use the poster and background provided.

4. If you have any problems with the poster then do not spam our tagboard. Message us at ridiculouslyyours@gmail.com and we shall reply asap to your concern.

5. Please wait patiently for your request to be finished. It might take 1-3 weeks for it to be finished.

6. No limit of characters. Feel free to request for the entire Asian community to be in your poster.

7. Provide HQ links of pictures please. We can change it if it doesn't fit the story's mood or if it's in low quality.

8. Click HERE to be directed to the form.

One shot Request

1. Please be respectful and don't bash if you didn't like your one-shot. The writer took time and effort on it so please be considerate about it.

2. Be patient. It might take 1-4 weeks before the request can be finished.

3. No Yaoi / Yuri stories. Rated are allowed.

4. If you are providing us with a song plot, provide English lyrics / translations.

5. Go HERE to be directed to the form.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi.. I am sorry.. but I would like to cancel my request for the poster.. sorry.. and ah.. I will be using another poster.. sorry..

December 6, 2010 at 3:56 AM  

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