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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Girls' Generation.

Update: So I have to change the layout, seems like I've copyrighted someone else's basecodes. Sarah you're gonna die tomorrow, Jk but I hate chu T___T Well thanks for chazzie of dorkistic design. I`ll post up a temporary design until I finish coding the Kara one, which I hope isn't copyrighting anyone's designs as well.

NEW LAYOUT! Oh yeah. I made the layout before I went to my retreat this morning so you might notice it's rushed. mianhae, but I think it's okay eoh? :) And don't worry to Kamilias, or Kara's fans because I finished a new layout featuring them, and as soon as I find someone who's willing to host our site, I'll post it so we could have two layouts. Yeyeyeye :D And here are for you guys.

Haha, they're so crappy but I did my best! XD


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