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Saturday, October 23, 2010


a w e s o m e . s t a f f

Suyeon ( writer. )
age: sixteen. dob: november 7th.
e-mail: misyel_94@yahoo.com
description: I'm a girl, and I love Taemin to the max! I bet he loves me too ;3 Besides that I also love to sing, dance, read, write and play the piano. My favourite composer is Yiruma; guess what? He's Taemin's fav too! I have a lot of plots in my mind, and the scenes keep replaying like a broken tape. Hence, the need to write it down :D
You can also find me @

Cuppycake ( writer. )
age: fifteen. dob: may 28th.
e-mail: toosweet_2eat@hotmail.com
description: Smart, tall and pretty. XD JOKE. Has a sweet tooth and works best when given a cookie! Totally random and talks crazy whenever hyper. Everyone thinks she's mature because of her age but they're wrong! Is obsessed with the English language and gets depressed whenever her grammar is wrong. Hates being perverted so is trying to avoid it with non-R, non-yaoi & non-yuri stories. Let's spazz over K-POP :P

Z_BuBEsT<3 ( reviewer. )
age: fifteen. dob: november 20th.
e-mail: Zoey_da_BuBEsT@hotmail.com
description: I'm a girl who appears to be normal ;) I love helping people so whatever you need help with (reviews) I'll do whatever I can  I'm more than obsessed with Fahrenheit and Guilun Other bands/singers I like/support are TVXQ, JYJ, 4Minute, Rainie Yang and lots more..

supernerd ( designer. )
dob: june 27th.
e-mail: supernerdwinglin@yahoo.com
description: Hello, I am supernerd and I have worked a various sites as a reviewer and a graphic designer. Many older popular sites that have now closed down but anyways I have 5 years of experience of graphic designing & 5 1/2 years with reviewing. I love graphic designing more than reviewing although I'm not great with happy posters, I will try my best with them :]]
you can also find me @

sa. ( writer. )
age: sixteen. dob: december 23rd.
e-mail: powpow-pow@hotmail.com
description: Eh, I'm a quirk sixteen year old that likes to eat cookiedough and dip my toes in the water. I don't like to stand underneath cabinets or tables because i'm afraid that my feet will get crushed, I like to wave around glowsticks with my friends. I like to listen to music twenty-four seven and I’m always with a piece of food in my hand. Writing is a little secret hobby of mine, and although I'm not the best, I can always improve. Call me Sa or Sasa!


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